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State Representative Seth Lewis Endorses the Neighbors for Wayne Township Team

Thank you Representative Seth Lewis for your Endorsement of the entire Neighbors for Wayne Township team! Representative Lewis has been a leader in our community for years, and we are proud to have his Endorsement and Support.

Vote Early Today or on Election Day, April 6th and vote for: Randy Ramey (Supervisor), Brandi Fike Ramundo (Clerk), Michael Musson (Assessor), Janusz Jarmula (Highway Commissioner), and Trustees: Mark Hoyert, Jackie Hayden, William "Bump" Waghorne, and Paul Hempel.

See Representative Seth Lewis's Endorsement below:

"As a Bartlett resident, Wayne Township Republican Committeeman and now your State Representative, I have worked with these candidates over the years and have found them to be a diverse group of concerned citizens helping seniors, families and those in need. I whole heartedly endorse the Neighbors for Wayne Township team and ask you to vote for them on April 6 or before during early voting."

- Representative Seth Lewis, District 45.

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