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For the last four years, we have strived to make Wayne Township the model by which other governments measure themselves. Today, that is a reality. We bring real experience with real results for our community. Our involvement in the community is deeply rooted with experience from serving in the State Legislature to local charities and service organizations. We have worked continuously to improve township services, maximize efficiency, and deliver more resources to the neediest in our community at unprecedented levels. We are honored and excited for the opportunity to continue to serve you and your family.

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Our Platform

Our goals for the next four years

Community Mental Health

Mental health will be one of our top priorities. We will work with the community to establish a volunteer lead Mental Health Board that would be responsible for allocating funds each year to support services and programs for all residents of Wayne Township in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse.

The Wayne Township Food Pantry

We will build on the success that our Food Pantry Modernization & Expansion Project has had in our community. We have been able to provide greater quantities of high-quality food and products to the neediest families in our community.


We will work tirelessly to enhance and expand our food pantry operations to serve more people in this time of tremendous need.

The Wayne Township Senior Center

We take nothing more seriously than the health and well-being of our seniors. We will always ensure that the seniors in Wayne Township can safely access programs while mitigating the risks of COVID-19.


As we move forward, it is important to keep our seniors connected to vital services and resources. We will continue to empower the seniors in our community to maintain an independent and active lifestyle.


We are committed to the enhancement and support of the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of all our seniors.

Environment & Sustainability

We are committed to doing our part to protect and preserve our environment. Our focus will be on two main initiatives. The first is to open or rehab more green spaces in the township that residents can enjoy. The second, is to host more recycling, reuse, and shred events to ensure paper, electronics, chemicals and textiles are properly disposed of and/or recycled to ensure they are not sent to be buried in a landfill.  

Accessibility & Communication

Wayne Township serves a diverse population, and we aspire to ensure that township services are readily available to all residents regardless of income, mobility, or language.


We will continue to implement technologies that will provide greater access to township services and improve communication to all residents.

Budget &


It is our duty and responsibility to the community to be responsible stewards of every tax dollar. We will always ensure that every township program is as efficient and effective as possible. 


Over the last four years, we have maintained a balanced budget and continued to be one of the smallest portions of your property tax bill. This has been accomplished all while being able to expand and enhance the services offered by the Wayne Township Food Pantry and Senior Center.


We will continue to deliver for our community and meet our goals. We will continue to maintain a balanced budget each year, stretch every tax dollar, and ensure every cent spent benefits the residents of Wayne Township.

Volunteers Serving Food


Delivering for OUR Community

The tremendous achievements that we have accomplished over the last four years would not have been possible by any single individual. We bring real experience with real results for our community. Each member of our team brings their passion, unrelenting dedication, and unique experience to serve the all the residents of Wayne Township.

  • Modernize & Expand: Food Pantry

    Our newly renovated and expanded Food Pantry & Senior Center at Wayne Township was completed on time and under budget. Funded through grants and private funding, this project was completed without putting taxpayers on the hook for the costs.

    Though these improvements were already a need in our community, they became an invaluable asset during the Covid-19 pandemic; not only for Wayne Township residents, but also our surrounding communities.

    Throughout this pandemic, we have been able to serve those who are most in need, giving out tens of thousands of pounds of food to a multitude of families. Seeing so many of our friends and neighbors come together, volunteering and making food and financial donations is truly inspiring. It shows why so many of us are proud to live in Wayne Township.

  • Modernize & Expand:

    Senior Center

    As part of our Food Pantry expansion and improvement project, we secured grants to renovate and expand our Senior Center. These improvements have brought increased resources, group activity centers, a computer learning lab and large group spaces for over the 800 seniors who attend the center.

  • COVID-19 Response:

    On day one of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken unprecedented precautions and initiatives to ensure our facilities were, and still are, cleaned and sterilized to protect our residents. We also took the lead to ensure services that the most in need in our community relied on were not interrupted.   

  • Modernize:

    Township Cemetery

    Founded in 1840, The Wayne Township Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Illinois. We have taken steps to enhance this 180 year old historical site. We have worked hard to make improvements to beautify the grounds and improve access for family and friends to pay respects to their loved ones.

  • Hosted Event:

    Reuse, Recycle & Shred

    Wayne Township hosted one of the largest Reuse, Recycle and Shred Events in DuPage County. We served well over 500 cars and collected thousands of pounds of paper, electronics and textiles that were recycled or responsibly disposed of. We look forward to hosting more of these events with the ability to collect more items and keep them out of landfills.

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