Delivering for OUR Community

The tremendous achievements that we have accomplished over the last four years would not have been possible by any single individual. We bring real experience with real results for our community. Each member of our team brings their passion, unrelenting dedication, and unique experience to serve all the residents of Wayne Township.

  • Modernize & Expanded: Food Pantry

    Our newly renovated and expanded Food Pantry & Senior Center at Wayne Township was completed on time and under budget. Funded through grants and private funding, this project was completed without putting taxpayers on the hook for the costs.

    Though these improvements were already a need in our community, they became an invaluable asset during the Covid-19 pandemic; not only for Wayne Township residents, but also our surrounding communities.

    Throughout this pandemic, we have been able to serve those who are most in need, giving out tens of thousands of pounds of food to a multitude of families. Seeing so many of our friends and neighbors come together, volunteering and making food and financial donations is truly inspiring. It shows why so many of us are proud to live in Wayne Township.

  • Modernize & Expanded: 

    Senior Center

    As part of our Food Pantry expansion and improvement project, we secured grants to renovate and expand our Senior Center. These improvements have brought increased resources, group activity centers, a computer learning lab and large group spaces for over the 800 seniors who attend the center.

  • COVID-19 Response:

    On day one of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken unprecedented precautions and initiatives to ensure our facilities were, and still are, cleaned and sterilized to protect our residents. We also took the lead to ensure services that the most in need in our community relied on were not interrupted.   

  • Modernize:

    Township Cemetery

    Founded in 1840, The Wayne Township Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Illinois. We have taken steps to enhance this 180 year old historical site. We have worked hard to make improvements to beautify the grounds and improve access for family and friends to pay respects to their loved ones.

  • Hosted Event:

    Reuse, Recycle & Shred

    Wayne Township hosted one of the largest Reuse, Recycle and Shred Events in DuPage County. We served well over 500 cars and collected thousands of pounds of paper, electronics and textiles that were recycled or responsibly disposed of. We look forward to hosting more of these events with the ability to collect more items and keep them out of landfills.

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