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Janusz Jarmula

Highway Commissioner

Janusz Jarmula is a proud resident of Wayne Township who is committed to improving our infrastructure. He knows that our roads and highways connect our community. We use them every day to take our children to school and see us safely to work. We use them to visit family, friends, and take us through the activities of daily life. Janusz is a small business owner who will use his extensive skills as an engineer and years of experience in the construction industry to ensure that Wayne Township has the safest and best maintained roads in DuPage County.


Excited about the opportunity to serve our community, Janusz will bring accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility to the Highway Department. As the Highway Commissioner, he will revitalize the highway department and set higher operational standards that exceed those in the private sector. He will set higher expectations, not only for himself, but for every member of the department. Open communication and dialogue will be a priority to ensure the needs of residents are met.


Janusz will work tirelessly to craft balanced budgets that focus on the needs of the community, bring transparency to the departments’ procurement process, and audit every bill to ensure not a single taxpayer dollar is wasted. He will always remain accountable, transparent, and accessible to every resident and work to collectively benefit everyone in the Wayne Township.

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